Monday, March 1, 2010

Even a blizzard can't stop Rick Springfield

February 26th 2010
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA
Review & Picture by Rosie Malthaner

The weather was what was on every one's mind leading up to this show. And everyone had opinions. But the show must go on and Rick and the band made it in the night before so we knew there would be a show! And since the weather played such a big part in this show I will just mention that I arrived a few days early with the wonderful excuse of an extra day of a girls weekend that was desperately needed and it paid off. With the exception of the night before the show the snow never stuck to the road! They did a great job making sure the mountain leading up to the venue was clear and passable by show time!

So on with the show! There is awesome new intro music and then the show starter of Celebrate Youth was a nice surprise. Its a complete version like the clip that used to be in the now gone medley. Considering the mass ambivalence about the weather the venue was pretty packed. I didn't notice many empty seats. The first few rows did have many "members" of the venue and some did sit but the energy was immediate. We did get "asked" to put away the detachable lens camera's halfway through they show but as soon as Rick's shirt went off I'm sure everyone like me took them back out! The changed up set list was nice and the crowd was really into it.

Rick was given a "Bonanza CD" which he was a little confused about and didn't understand why he was getting it. I am sure it was a reference to Movie Night on the cruise where he talked about being in Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Green, who was in Bonanza, and how much he loved the show growing up. Hope he has lots of journals to help him write the new autobiography, which I heard will be out Oct 12 (lets hope Rick time is not involved here. lol) Rick zeroed in on two older ladies in the audience about 4 or 5 rows back. I really think they reminded him of his mother. He made comments about them falling asleep, thinking this is NOT Noah Drake and that he would be out to see them shortly. Rick kept his promise and climbed the side wall to get to them but by the time he got there only one remained. Joanie was his victim and she eventually took the bait and sang the requested line. On Rick's way back to the stage he picked up two cute boys about 7 or 8 and brought them on stage. He joked with them and tried to get them to dance. Rick told them that boy's need to stick together because girls are monsters but one day they would like them. lol One of the boy's Mom is Rick's publisher on the much anticipated autobiography and he commented that "my publisher now knows more about me than all of you put together".

When introducing Love Somebody he asked if anyone thought he should have gotten an Oscar for that role, actually he wanted to know if his ass should have gotten one. After Love Somebody came Jessie's Girl which left me wondering why he had left out Human Touch, no audience romp? I've only ever seen that once and that was the first year of the cruise. I would find out in good time though. The crowd went wild and thoroughly enjoyed the song they had waited for all night. For me its always a little sad to hear it because you know the end was near. But there was a treat in store for us.

For the encore we were treated to a shirtless encore. Wild Thing was up first and everyone knows Rick rarely ends the night on a cover tune. Human touch would be next and never did I think he would come out into the audience during the encore. But out into the audience he came with his shirt off and just a mic. Brave man! He headed straight down our row to us before venturing back further in the venue to the stage for the last few cords.

For those of you who decided to stay home because of the weather, you missed a great show with lots of energy running through the whole place but everyone must make that personal decision as to what is right for them.

Set List: (not in the correct order)
Celebrate Youth
Affair of the Heart
Love is Alright Tonight
I've Done Everything For you
I'll Miss that Someday
Love Somebody
Jessie's Girl

Wild Thing
Human Touch

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