Monday, October 19, 2009

Rick Springfield in Rhode Island

October 16, 2009
Lincoln, RI
Twin Rivers Casino

Let me first say I have never been to a show quite like this. Rick and the band did everything they are supposed to do and the music was great. Security was the issue and I will get to that later. They showed the cruise video and retrospective video as people were entering the venue. The lights went down and Rodger appeared and things got a bit crazy. The stage was rushed but security quickly sent everyone back to their seats. Slowly during the rest of the show we in the front row were pushed further toward the stage. Fine with me as long as my great unobstructed sight line was not effected. LOL

Rick was wearing black pants with a white shirt and black vest along with the bedazzeled black converse. The vest was the first to go then later in the show the sweaty white shirt was replaced as well with the spider shirt, Rick enjoying his little strip tease. Rick talked about the upcoming Californication episodes and the cruise. Mentioning how he was going to play keyboards for Richard Marx and Richard was going to do something during his set as well was met with loud cheers. He talked about his treacherous trip in Canada the days before and how he saw a Moose for the first time.

Rick and company launching into Fire was a nice surprise in the set list. Right before DTTS the atmosphere in the venue totally changed for me and my perfect show was over. Before that it had been the perfect show for me. The six security guards keeping the people back from the stage abandoned those posts and proceeded to feel that 6 on them needed to guard the equipment box set up in front of the mic for Rick to come into the audience. Rick, I think could see the ensuing chaos that resulted in this and chose to choose his DTTS victims from the abundance of security assembled in front of the stage. The first one wouldn't sing, just plan refused, Rick then brought another one on stage who obliged. He never singled out a fan for this and then moved on with the show. They had lost all control of the crowd at this point. A woman manged to sneak into the area by me and security and proceeded to flash Rick. Yes her top came down! Why people think this is attractive I will never know. Rick was ready to make his way into the crowd soon and I have no idea how he came back alive! Two of the several security guards guarding the "box" went with him. Good luck.

I then turned around to check out the band as there was no way to see Rick if I had wanted to. The band was having a blast on stage and Matt & George B were jamming and goofing around. I could see from the big screens that Rick was attempting to make his way back to the stage and once he did and launched into Jessie's Girl I witnessed the most rude and unprofessional behavior ever by two older security guards. In all the shows I have been too, general admission included I have never witnessed behavior like I did in Rhode Island that night. Off the stage he went for a brief break and back for what is becoming the norm, a two song encore. A shirtless encore at that! Rick got a kick out of the toy robot that was given to him during the encore and watched it walk around the stage before picking it up to admire it.

Set List:
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
I've Done Everything for You
Venus In Overdrive
I'll Miss that Someday
Love Is Alright
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl

Wild Thing

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