Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rick Springfield Rocked Vancouver!!

Rick Springfield
Vancouver, BC Canada

Review & photo by
Susan Fortune

Rick Springfield performed at the PNE Fair in Vancouver BC on August 27, 2009. The show was general admission, free with admission to the fair, what a great deal that was, an Awesome concert for $12 !!

We drove to up to Canada from Seattle and arrived at the show about 5 hours before the show checked out the fair a bit and got a bite to eat before we staked out our spot in front of the stage. There were already a few people who were camped out in the middle with chairs and all. We were off to the right side (Derek's side) we were very happy with our position and the fact that we could use our SLR cameras without any hassles! Our 4 hours wait actually went by fairly quickly and gave us some time to chat with some of our Canadian friends and watch sound check which is always, it was attended by the band but not Rick. It was a beautiful day, a perfect day for an outdoor concert, though it did almost get too hot there for a while.

The concert began at 8 pm and Rick came out donning his sunglasses they didn't stay on too long. I think he was expecting it to be brighter than it was but the sun was starting to go down. The lighting was awesome along with the fog which was cool a seemed to be set far enough back so as to not ruin our pictures. Rick was in a fun mood with lots of smiles and he was full of energy and we got several jumps, rose explosions. One of my friends had made a couple of signs while we were waiting and both got good responses. The first said "you did what 7 times??" lol this was in reference to his up coming appearance on Californication. Rick gave her a big smile and said " you betcha baby!" LOL The second said "60 never looked so good" . At this point Rick went to change his shirt and while his shirt was off he said something like, not bad for 60 ?? Then proceeded shirtless for the next 3 songs : )

One woman flashed Rick during the show and he proceeded to flash her back asking "who's are better?" To which the crowd let out a big scream for Rick lol. During "Don't Talk To Strangers" Rick got a security guard named Mike to sing after a little prodding, then he brought three kids up on stage. A boy named Shya .... which Rick asked him to repeat several times though he never really did grasp it. The girls were named Morgan & Kaylee Rick thought the last girl said her name was Hayley and told the story of how he was in love with Hayley Mills as a boy. With all the name confusion at one point Rick asked, "doesn't anyone name their kids regular names? What's wrong with Richard or George???" We heard a Yea from George B. LOL.

During Human Touch Rick ventured pretty far out into the crowd though it was hard to see where he was with no chairs ..... it was standing room only with a couple of sets of bleachers off to the side. The place was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

With the show being just a few days after his birthday, he started playing "Happy Birthday" (just before Jessie's Girl) and encouraged the crowd to sing him Happy Birthday. I believe there was a sign or two saying Happy Birthday and some fans brought balloons that were thrown up on the stage at the beginning of the show. Rick birthday always seems to last the whole month of August!

When the opening chords of Jessie's Girl and Rick asks if we are ready for this ...... those that don't know any better say yes, but those of us who know it is the last song scream NO! Then he plays Jessie's Girl and introduces the band. And off they go a wave but no hug.

Back for the Encore of "I'll Make You Happy" (which was great to hear again) and then Kristina. I was about to get my perfect hug picture and then much to my dismay someone shoved a sign in his face, which he graciously signed causing us to be hugless.

All & All an Awesome show.
I believe the set list is as follows ....

Mr. PC
What's Victoria's Secret?
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
I Get Excited
I've Done Everything for You
Venus in Overdrive
I'll Miss That Someday
Love is Alright Tonite
Don't Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Happy Birthday
Jessie's Girl

I'll Make You
Happy Kristina

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