Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Bash for Rick Springfield in IN

Michigan City, IN
Blue Chip Casino Stardust Even Center
Review by: Darla Gerken
Photo by: Mike Gerken

On the eve of Rick’s 60th birthday, the show started with a huge stage rush with everyone wanting to be as close to Rick as possible. Rick began the full throttle show with Mr. PC and What’s Victoria’s Secret. The new white guitar came out for Affair of the Heart, which included two beautiful rose explosions. Someone threw a blow up doll on stage during I Get Excited. Rick commented about it being a nudie doll and set it on one of the speakers, where she sat all night.

Rick said that it was the last night he would be 59 and that his birthday was tomorrow. He thought that we should get it out of our system and sing Happy Birthday, which we all did. Someone up front held a “Sexy 60 Springfield” sign; that’s kind of tongue twister.

We were treated to Jet, I loved that song and the crowd energy that it brought. By this time, Rick was really starting to sweat and preceded to open a few buttons on his shirt, screams erupted. Rick grabbed a sign from the crowd and teased that it said, “We love Rodger”, but it really said Jesus Saves. Rick asked if there was any white trash in the audience. That was a great sign because they did sing it and also included a Rick jump. The jump was pretty good for a man who was only hours away from being 60.

The “yeah drill” and Rick saying that he was still sexy at 60 lead into Venus in Overdrive. I love that song and it included a sexy sigh at the end. After VIO, someone brought out a birthday cake with candles for Rick, we sang Happy Birthday again, he blew out the candles and ran his finger across the frosting and licked his finger and asked if we wanted some cake. After the cake, he needed a drink, which he got a mouth full and spit it into the crowd. Showers anyone?

By now things were getting hot and wild. The shirt came off and he sang Wild Thing. For a moment I thought we were going to get the “moon”, because he gave his pants a tug at the zipper. I’m thinking OMG, but it didn’t happen. George brought him a shirt with a cool spider graphic on the shoulder, he pointed to his nipple and laughed about it standing out.

The first lady he asked to sing DTTS, said Happy Birthday Rick, instead of DTTS. He got a couple security people to also sing. Human Touch turned into a mob scene, Rick had a hard time moving through all the people, falling numerous times. He didn’t get too far into the crowd before the song was over. When he got back on stage, his shirt was torn, so that will be the last time the spider shirt goes on tour! Rick said it was about time for Jessie’s Girl. We got to hear the extended version, I think over the years the song has evolved and keeps getting better.

Since his shirt was ripped, when the encore started, he came back on stage wearing the vest that he started the show with. At this point I thought he had enough energy to go on for the rest of the night. Unfortunately he only sang Crossroads and Kristina, and then it was all over. Great show and Happy Birthday Rick!!!!!

Set List:

  • Mr. PC
  • What’s Victoria’s Secret
  • Affair of the Heart
  • Living in Oz
  • I Get Excited
  • I’ve Done Everything For You
  • Happy Birthday
  • Jet
  • Alyson
  • Jesus Saves
  • Venus in Overdrive
  • I’ll Miss That Someday
  • Love is Alright Tonight
  • Happy Birthday – 2nd time
  • Wild Thing
  • Don’t Talk to Strangers
  • Love Somebody
  • Human Touch
  • Jessie’s Girl
  • Crossroads
  • Kristina

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